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TitleADU design guidelines for historic properties2024-02-16 10:48
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RNO contacts,


Since last year, Denver Landmark Preservation has been working on updates to its design guidelines for historic districts and landmark properties. As part of that work, landmark planners will launch a conversation on potential design guideline updates focused on accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, with a public meeting Tuesday, February 27. We invite you to share the event information below with your membership networks so residents can participate.


Creating Design Guidelines for ADUs

6:30 p.m., Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Blair Caldwell African American Research Library

Links, Inc., Denver Chapter, Community Room

2401 Welton Street, Denver

>RSVP to the meeting


Ahead of the event, to help participants prepare, we have created a series of short videos with additional information and context:

  • The first 6-minute video addresses what ADUs are, why they are an important part of the design guidelines update and offers an overview of design guidelines in peer cities.
  • The second 8-minute video discusses the differences between an ADU and a tandem house.
  • The final installment in the series will be published next week and will address the density in historic neighborhoods and recent changes in the Denver Zoning Code relating to ADUs. It will be posted on this YouTube playlist.


We encourage everyone with an interest in historic properties and ADUs to take a few minutes to watch in preparation for the upcoming community discussion.

>Learn more about the Design Guidelines Update Project

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