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TitleHigh Performance Buildings and Homes2024-03-02 11:16
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High Performance Buildings and Homes

February 2024

It’s Time to Make a Plan for Compliance

Deadlines are on the horizon: For most buildings 25,000 sq. ft. and larger, your first Energize Denver evaluation year is 2025. That means any upgrades you plan to make to meet your targets must be completed by December 31, 2024. Buildings 15,001-24,999 sq. ft. also have their deadline to comply with lighting and energy requirements by December 31, 2025.


Requirements are coming too: 2025 is also the first year that commercial buildings and multifamily homes will be required to start replacing gas space and water heating equipment with heat pumps. Buildings will have to do this when they replace old gas-fired equipment. Buildings are not required to replace existing working equipment.


Get help with making a plan: The best first step to making your compliance plan is to register for an energy audit. Many buildings can qualify for free or reduced-rate services through Xcel Energy. Your auditor will give you a plan for the most effective energy efficiency upgrades and let you know how you can start your path to building electrification.


Choose your compliance path early: Buildings 25,000 sq. ft. and larger should look at target adjustments and alternate compliance options. Smaller buildings and Manufacturing, Agricultural, and Industrial buildings should investigate the different compliance pathways. Choosing your path early will keep you on track for timely compliance.


Funding to Help with Building Improvements

Heat Pump Rebates: Commercial buildings and multifamily homes can save up to $11,000 when they install a heat pump. You can stack Denver’s rebates with rebates from Xcel Energy.


Building Electrification Pilot: Buildings that need more support and guidance can apply to participate in Denver’s pilot program. Participants will get time with our consultants and more support moving through the process.


Community Solar: Commercial and multifamily buildings can subscribe to a community solar project and add solar energy to their portfolio.


Denver Mobility Incentive: Businesses and organizations can get funding to create or expand programs that make transit cleaner, safer, and healthier.


Reusable Service Ware for Restaurants: The Reuse Denver program is helping 35 Denver restaurants switch to reusable service ware for dine-in customers.


COMING SOON: Certifiably Green Denver Equity Funding: Small businesses in Denver can get up to $10,000 to make sustainable upgrades such as ENERGY STAR appliances or waste diversion programs. The program relaunches in March.

See all funding opportunities

See all funding opportunities

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