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TitleI Love Cake Virtual Hearing: New Liquor and Dance License Application2024-03-02 11:13
Name Level 10
AttachmentLiquor Notice Posting.docx (22.8KB)Applicant Letter (1).pdf (332.6KB)










Department of Excise and Licenses


Virtual Hearing: New Liquor and Dance License Application


Applicant: I Love Cake

Business Address:  2737 Larimer St.

Business File Number: 2023-BFN-0067977

Liquor & Cabaret License Types: Tavern/Dance






Please find attached the hearing packet for a virtual hearing on 3/18/2024 at 9:00 a.m.  If you would like to participate virtually for this hearing, please contact me at 720-865-2737.


The hearing information can be found in the attached applicant letter.


Take special notice of the Temporary Modifications to the Hearing Policies and Procedures, which has been included in the attached documents.


If you have questions about the application, please contact me at Bruce.Turner@denvergov.org.


If you have questions about the Hearing Policies and Procedures, please contact Abbey Soisson at abbey.soisson@denvergov.org.


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Si necesita ayuda or tiene preguntas en espanol, por favor contactenos por telefono (720-913-1311 o 311) y diga que necesita ayuda en espanol y nosotros lo llamaremos para hablar sobre este tema.

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