East Denver United Neighbors (EDUN)

Allow me to introduce myself to those who don’t know me. My name is Aurelio Martinez, I lived in Denver’s Five Points, Curtis Park neighborhood all my life. I went to Gilpin Elementary, Cole Jr. High, and graduated from Manual High School. I made a run for Mayor. Yes, I was among the many candidates. I ran because Denver’s broken. It’s broken to the people who live and work here. I hope the new administration will prioritize providing for the people living and working in Denver.

We have formed a neighborhood organization called EDUN (East Denver United Neighbors). As a registered neighborhood organization (RNO), the city will notify us of all issues in East Denver that may affect our neighborhood communities. As united neighbors, we can analyze the issues and decide whether the issues will have a good or negative impact on our neighborhoods in East Denver. EDUN boundaries are North – city limits, South – Colfax Ave., East – city limits, and West – Broadway/South Platte River. Our NRO registration with the city of Denver will be made during the next allotted registration time in December 2023.

East Denver is diverse, not only ethnically but also in levels of wealth, from historic homes over a century old to modern construction. By binding communities together, the voice of East Denver will be strong, and our neighborhoods’ beautification, comfort, and safety will be second to none. Success for improving East Denver is to eliminate the separation and have neighborhoods supporting neighborhoods.

We want every resident and person with a history in East Denver to join and become a member. It costs nothing to become a member, and your voice will count. You will receive a copy of our newsletter, informing you of all permits, zone change requests, city planning, etc. You will be informed on city programs such as rental assistance, down payment assistance, Neighborhood projects, such as free Trees, Sidewalk repairs or replacement, Traffic control, Department of Safety programs, and changes, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

EDUN will work and support existing neighborhood organizations on issues more specific to their neighborhoods.

Join us today! Our website, is under construction. However, it will accept your registration. If you have problems with the website, email me at, and I’ll gladly register you as a member. Remember, you don’t have to live within EDUN’s boundaries to become a member. You don’t have to live in Denver, just a history or concerns for East Denver.

My friends call me Lelo, and I consider us all friends, so feel free to call me Lelo. Mi casa es su casa – Aurelio Martinez