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TitleACTION NEEDED: 2024 registration to advise Landmark Preservation Commission on design review2024-02-17 09:54
Name Level 10

In 2015, the Landmark Preservation Commission adopted a policy on the advisory involvement of Registered Neighborhood Organizations (RNOs) in the design-review process for large-scale projects – rooftop (pop-top) additions, new infill construction, and accessory dwelling units (ADUs).  We are reaching out to you to see if your RNO would like to advise on design review for large-scale projects in 2024. 


RNOs that would like to participate in the design review process for large-scale projects must agree to:

  • be contacted by building owners, developers and architects to schedule meetings,
  • meet regularly, either as a whole group or a smaller subcommittee, within three weeks of contact by the applicants,
  • provide emailed advisory comments to the Landmark Preservation Commission (via Landmark staff) about whether a project meets the Design Guidelines for Denver Landmark Structures & Districts, and whether the project is consistent with the character-defining features of the historic district,
  • familiarize themselves with the Design Guidelines for Denver Landmark Structures & Districts, and
  • at least one member of the RNO must attend a design review training in spring 2024.


If your RNO would like to participate in the design-review process, please respond to this email no later than Friday, March 8th providing the following information:

  • Confirmation that your RNO would like to participate in design review of large-scale projects in 2024
  • Which historic district(s) your RNO would like to review (see attached spreadsheet of historic districts within the boundaries of your RNO). RNOs may only review projects in historic districts within their RNO boundaries.  Please note that the attached spreadsheet indicates if your RNO only covers part of a district’s boundaries, or the entire district. 
  • The lead person from your RNO who Landmark staff and applicants should contact regarding design review, including their daytime phone number and email address.


You will be required to send someone from your RNO to a design review training, and we are currently working on dates for those meetings. Once you confirm that your RNO would like to participate in the design review process in 2024, we will send an invitation for various training options.


For more information about the LPC’s design-review rules and regulations:



Yours sincerely,

The Landmark Preservation Team

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