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TitleCabaret transfer notification - 3242 E COLFAX LLC - 3242 E Colfax Ave 2024-03-03 09:06
Name Level 10
Attachment3242 E COLFAX LLC_2024_STANDARD CAB APP.pdf (985.2KB)Cabaret Transfer Notice Posting.docx (23.5KB)










Department of Excise and Licenses


Cabaret Transfer Notification



Business Address:  3242 E Colfax Ave Denver Co 80206

Business File Number: 2014-BFN-1074049

Cabaret License Type: Standard Cabaret





An application has been made to transfer ownership or significantly modify the corporate structure of the Cabaret License at the above captioned location.


The name of the entity is 3242 E COLFAX LLC doing business as GOOSETOWN TAVERN at 3242 E Colfax Ave Denver Co 80206. The partners, managers, or officers are: Gwenette Campbell and Scott Campbell, members.


If protests are filed, the Department of Excise and Licenses may schedule a hearing and notify all known parties of interest of the date and time of the public hearing.


Any protest, written objection, or other request for a public hearing must be e-mailed no later than March 18th 2024 to: exlapplications@denvergov.org


If you have questions about the application, please contact me at angel.romero@denvergov.org


If you have questions about the Hearing Policies and Procedures, please contact Erica Rogers at Erica.Rogers@denvergov.org.

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